Love is a retirement dream


Dreams are so beautiful. I like to think I have something left at the back of my mind, like a small undiscovered dream.

There is this particular state of mind that makes me float. Usually late nights when a good movie ends and it’s just the titles and a song. Or on a gloomy day in the balcony. Or under the late evening skies.

And then I’m thinking about who I am and if I secretly want something. If the present is what they call happiness. If I’m missing someone I don’t even know. I’m blown away by my curiosity and the lack of answers thereof.

But I’d say I’ve come a long way and most days I sleep satisfied with where I am. Being an adult was probably my thing, I like this life. And as much as I want to fall in love again, I know it’s a luxury I can’t afford at this stage of life.